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2017-10-20 07:15:33 by edsward

Hey Guys!

I have a new short out which you can find here:

Its setting is again in the virtual reality world of the internet, which was inspired by Tad Williams "Otherland". Lucky me had the chance to meet Tad Williams yesterday at his book promotion for the new Osten Ard book! What a great author!

So what did I learn this time? To put more effort in writing the plot and not only to rest on animation.

Thank you for your support and keep giving me feedback! Maybe one day I'll win the daily p-bot pick :D

until then, I'll be drawing, writing and improving :)



Net Neutrality (new video)

2017-08-30 10:05:44 by edsward

Hey Freaks,

So there's this new short I uploaded to the portal, called 'net neutrality' you can see here:

Inspiration for this clip came a month ago, when I saw Tom Fulps post about net neutrality and tried to visualize it in my brain. Helpfully I was reading the VR-adventure saga Otherland at that time (and still am) so I could give it a try in a mixed 2D/3D aesthetic.

I somehow liked the style, so maybe there's gonna be more of that. Oh and it was a collaborating debut for me, so thanks for voice actor KingCrowleyVA for helping out.

anyway, enjoy!

The Horny Norsemen

2017-07-14 06:38:06 by edsward

Hey there,


I finally managed to finish the clip for The Horny Norsemen, which you can watch here:

I started this project with a friend of mine (yes, he is mentioned in the credits :D but no - he is not on newgrounds) somewhere in january(?) but somehow, i stopped working on it when it was about 90% done. So I just rediscovered it and finished the missing scenes. So any lessons learned? Yes! Finish your damn projects, doens't matter if you feel that you have improved or not. You can judge it only when it's finished. And published. So basically, that's what the portals for...


enjoy and  dare to give some feedback!



Finally here.

2016-11-15 13:59:41 by edsward

So.. after all I managed to finish a little sequence called "The KoS-Player" which you can see now on the portal-page. Hopefully I'll get some feedback. Would be nice to read what you guys think of my style.

Here's the direct link if you're interested:

This little sequence took me about two to three days (inbetween the stuff I have to do for university/living/my cat) and it's always nice to have small idead to start with. I had like about 2-3 projects wich I had to drop because I realized that a whole web series is a little bit too much for a single person if you want to release ar regular intervals. Maybe I could have learned this lesson also by watching Star-Barians by the amazing Mr. Partridge... :D

Anyway, if you like my style and have some Ideas for a coop-mode, let me know. Cannot promise to have time for everything, but I can promise to have a look and answer :)